This Job Blows!

This Job Blows!
As the Master of Happiness and Spirits and self proclaimed Princess of this Cat, Hypnautic, I had a new job today that doesn’t very well fit into my job description.
Prepping for our epic 2023 Baja Ha-Ha adventure like a true sailor: today I found myself manually blowing, inflating and testing life jackets!
Who needs a gym membership when you can become a professional lung athlete? Time to flex those lung muscles and embrace the art of blowing up jackets. Bring on the lung gains and let's sail away with style!
Imagine this: Me, the Hypnautic princess, gracefully blowing, testing, and checking the off-shore life jackets before we set sail into the open seas. Definitely a tough job!
You see, it takes more than just a crown and a regal wave to tackle this mission. It requires lungs of steel and a sense of humor to match. But fear not, my loyal crew, for I'm up to the challenge!
Safety is no laughing matter, but with a princess doing the blowing, testing, and checking, rest assured, these life jackets are fit for all royalty.
Off we go, in three weeks, into the high seas, with a princess who can blow away any doubt and inflate any life jacket with style.

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