Sushi on the High Seas~

Sushi on the High Seas~

As we get ready set sail with the 2023 Baja Ha-Ha, in 3 weeks, it was time to take on a new challenge: learning how to make sushi! Thanks T.J. Zane and Rozanna for your fabulous hospitality.

With Jay Rosen and Bfrank Colson fishing everyday, it was time for Deb to get creative with her culinary skills. So, knowing we will be armed with freshly caught treasures from the deep, we embarked on a quest to conquer the art of sushi-making.

Last night's sushi extravaganza was a rollercoaster of flavors and laughter! With two incredibly talented ladies Rozanna Zane and Paula Sylvia teaching us the art of sushi making, we transformed our works into mouthwatering bites of deliciousne

So excited we will be ready to sail the high seas with a side of sushi! Our journey might be filled with waves, but with each roll of the sushi mat, we'll be conquering the culinary world one tasty bite at a time. Bon appétit, my friends.

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