Paw Pedi’s, Waltzing Winds and Provisioning Translation!

Paw Pedi’s, Waltzing Winds and Provisioning Translation!

Paw Pedi’s, Waltzing Winds and Provisioning Translation!

Good Wednesday morning to all. We have had fun in La Paz this past week, but, it's been an adventure! Today, our rigging lines are getting fixed and preparing to set sail again. It's like sending our boat to the spa for some pampering. Hopefully, Mother Nature decides to cooperate, and we can set sail tomorrow. If not, we might just have to do the "Friday Fandango" instead!

A huge thank you to Club Cruceros that hosted the Baja Ha Ha fleet with a welcome party that included, fabulous food, drinks and entertainment. They have a cruisers net every morning at 8am to make sure all of us cruisers know what is happening and where to go for help if needed. In supporting the town, Mike, Jay and I all joined their group membership and have nothing but fabulous kudos for them.

Speaking of islands, we will be heading to Espiritu Santos, while exploring a treasure trove of small and remote isles along the way. It's like a real-life game of "Island Roulette"! Who knows what hidden gems we’ll stumble upon as we venture south.

The people here have been amazing. We have met many ex-pats who call La Paz their home. Just last night, we had the pleasure while dining, to meet a group of adventurous women who moved here from the states and Canada. They're like the Avengers of expatriates, but with margaritas instead of superpowers!

Now, let's talk about important matters: PIZZA. La Paz's best-kept secret, Fuego y leña has become our personal pizza paradise. We couldn't resist going twice this week because, well, when the best wood fired pizza calls, you answer!

No Adventure is without its challenges!

The scorching heat this week has been a challenge to conquer. We're talking temperatures as high as 90 degrees with 87% humidity. It's like living inside a sauna without the luxury of a towel, glass of champagne or cucumber slices. Thankfully, the weather gods decided to cut us some slack, and now we're basking in perfect weather. Mother Nature must have finally found her chill!

Another big challenge we've faced is deciphering the Spanish labels for grocery items while trying to shop online. It's like playing a game of translation roulette just to figure out what we're buying! But, no worries, we will get provisioning done before setting sail again.

Speaking of an important issue, finding a groomer for Cooper was like searching for a needle in a haystack. But guess what? We did it! Cooper's nails are looking sharp and stylish, and he's strutting with extra confidence. Now, the real challenge is finding a nail salon for me to get my toes done. Cooper has set the bar pretty high, so I hope I can find a place that will make my toes look as fabulous as his paws!

And we can’t forget the windy challenges. Last night, the boats were doing their very own dance routine called the "waltz" with 20 knots of wind. It's like the ocean decided to throw a wild party and invited all the boats to show off their fancy moves. Taking our convertible transport, the dinghy, to town, we all got soaked but the warm air dried us right away. Who knew boating could be so... rhythmic?

La Paz, has been fun, lots of laughter, and unexpected adventures. We can't wait to see what the next week has in store for us. Until then, may the winds be in our favor and the pizza cravings diminish! Happy Thanksgiving all!

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