Living La Vida Loca~

Living La Vida Loca~

Living La Vida Loca~

Last Friday, we left Espiritu Santos and set sail on an epic 28-hour journey to Topolobompo, a small village on the other side of Mexico. These 28 hours turned into an adventure that made us so happy when we arrived.

As we approached the marina, the 11 nautical mile channel seemed straightforward with its red and green buoys. We were warned it would be shallow but really? We should have asked them to define shallow. Our Catamaran came to an unexpected halt when we accidentally ran into a sneaky sandbar while navigating down the middle of the buoys as we were instructed. Thank goodness for the three fishing heroes in their trusty panga, who quickly came to our rescue. With their assistance, we were back on track in no time!

To express our gratitude, we showered them with our thanks, ensuring they had an unforgettable Saturday night. After all, a little thank-you goes a long way, right?

Upon reaching Marina Palmira, we were welcomed with open arms by the marina's amazing team. They made docking a breeze, treating us like VIPs. It turns out, they extended the same outstanding service to another sailing vessel that came in behind us. But hey, we can still feel special, right?

We planned a stop over here based on reviews. Armed with the wisdom of countless strangers on the internet, we sailed in confidently, ready to put those rave reviews to the test. And guess what? Those reviews were like fortune-telling wizards! They were so accurate we owe those previous sailors a huge thank you for saving us from the clutches of disappointment! Now, if only we could get them to predict our lottery numbers...

The marina team of Nelson, Javy, Omar 1, and Omar 2 truly went above and beyond. They showed us around town, ensuring we had everything we needed and even took our laundry to the hotel to be washed. It was returned by 4pm prompt as promised and was reasonably priced! We were blown away by their attention to detail. Giving back to the communities we visit is important, and they appreciated and exemplified that spirit.

Speaking of the village, it's a quaint little place focused on agriculture and fishing. Did you know they are the largest supplier to the US and China with their juicy mangoes? Talk about a fruitful endeavor!

Javy, the owner's son, became our personal driver and tour guide. He took us provisioning at Los Moochies and gave us a glimpse into the local way of life. Once our boat was stocked up, he whisked us away to the incredible Stanley's atop the highest point in Topolobompo. The panoramic views were absolutely breathtaking, and the food... oh, the food! It was a feast fit for the gods!

We’ve been keeping an eye on the weather windows, and it seems like the perfect time to set sail once again. With light winds on the horizon, we're hoping to be off to Altata this afternoon, fingers crossed, for a smooth 20-hour journey. Altata will be our last stop before the long sail down to Mazatlan. Fingers crossed for calm seas and clear skies!

Stay tuned for more nautical tales from our seafaring escapades. Until then, fair winds and following seas.

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