Life’s a Beach~

Life’s a Beach~

Life’s a Beach~

It’s day three in remote Bahia Cardonal, Isla Partida, population of 380. and I'm convinced the wind here has a vendetta against our swimming plans!

Dodging those gusts is like playing an extreme version of beach volleyball. On the bright side, our furry friend Cooper got to stretch his legs and play frisbee on the pristine sandy beach, which was so remote and deserted it felt like our own secret paradise.


Sunday night, we hosted dinner on our catamaran with a couple Baja Ha Ha buddies, and it was a lively mix of enchiladas, laughter, gorgeous sunset, and wind-induced hairstyles except for Jay’s. Our guests, Ben and Jessica from s/v Noctiluca, have the most adventurous spirits. Ben was an underwater drone and RV operator, while Jessica is a Marine Biologist. They're living proof that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, even if it means selling everything and sailing the world!

Between gusts, we've been tackling minor boat repairs, laundry, tidying up, and cooking up a storm. Jay's been busy uploading videos for his YouTube channel, the content he has captured is so good, he will be the talk of the seven seas!

The winds this morning decided to give us a break! So, we're setting sail back to Pichilingue to service our water maker before our journey to Isla Topolobompo. From there, it's a sun-soaked passage to Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta, where paradise awaits with 80-degree weather and warm waters.

Fair winds and hilarious tales, my friends! Stay tuned for more adventures and misadventures on this crazy journey of ours!

Video of our private paradise. video-output-33DCD7C2-A008-449A-8800-9272D73BEF3B

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