Workout on the Catamaran!

Workout on the Catamaran!

Workout on the Catamaran!

Couple of days ago Jay suggested we work out in the morning and then go for a swim followed by a fabulous breakfast. Well, after hearing him out, I had the most intense workout ... or should I say, lifting my coffee cup and watching Jay workout! Who needs a gym when you have a nautical challenge waiting for us every time we set sail?

Who needs a treadmill when you can jog around the deck, picking up after Cooper amid heavy wind and rogue waves? The sea breeze is like a personal trainer, constantly reminding us to keep your balance and work those core muscles.

To be honest, my most frequent exercise on the boat is the art of "not working out." Imagine this: sunbathing on the deck, swimming in the beautiful, remote coves, and relaxing with a cool drink in hand, while my workout clothes are neatly folded down in our cabin, untouched and gathering the salt air envy. And laughing is always a fabulous workout for the stomach muscles.

I've mastered the "Boat Yoga" routine too. It involves stretching to reach the snacks on the top shelf, gracefully lunging to grab the sunscreen, and maintaining perfect balance as the boat gently sways. It's a workout for the mind and the soul!

So, whether you're lifting anchors or lifting cocktails, remember that boating is the ultimate workout... or not. I am just enjoying the ride, laughing at the absurdity, and making sure to capture those "not-so-fitness" moments for future laughs and memories!

More power to Jay who promises to get me working out with him very soon.

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