The Devastation is Real!

The Devastation is Real!

The Devastation is Real!

Wednesday afternoon we arrived and dropped anchor in La Paz after a peaceful journey from Los Muertos. The ocean was tranquil, and the winds were gentle, making our trip a breeze!

A week before our adventure was to begin, La Paz was hit hard by the devastating hurricane, Norma. We were worried the Baja Ha Ha might be postponed due to the aftermath and storms following but the Grand Poobah of the Ha Ha said no postponement, we will continue onwards as they have never had an issue in 29 years.


As we sailed into the La Paz channel, we spotted a sunken multi-million dollar yacht, with only its bow peeking out of the water. A friendly warning ensured we didn't accidentally run into it. Imagine coming in at night without knowing about it!

It took us an hour to navigate down the channel and reach our anchorage near Marina de La Paz. We saw boats washed ashore, perched on rocks, and stuck in sandbars. Mother Nature definitely left her mark here.

Yesterday, we strolled through town and were overwhelmed by the warmth and friendliness of the locals. And guess what? We noticed a significant number of fellow Americans enjoying the laid-back lifestyle. Despite the Baja 1000 kicking off here and attracting thousands, the town remained remarkably serene, and everything was spotless.

For the next week, we'll be taking it easy here, getting our Lazy Jack lines repaired, and ensuring every inch of our rigging is shipshape. They say you can never be too prepared, and that's our captain's motto! We're gearing up for the next leg of our journey of many more miles.

On another note, it looks like Jay's promises went straight to the dogs! Cooper has taken over his room, his bed, and even his late-night sandwich. Talk about a spoiled pup! But hey, who can resist the entertainment and love he brings? Cooper's got us all wrapped around his furry little paws.

Stay tuned for more updates from our nautical escapades. Smooth sailing, everyone.

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